How Will C3 Metrics Increase Your ROI?

stoplastclickOur goal here at C3 Metrics is simple…

To erase last click and measure the entire funnel of advertising.

In the process, we’ve created the ultimate omni-channel advertising analytics platform you need to improve your ROI.

Simply put…If you’re an advertiser, we’ve got your back!

Experience Counts

Best-Seller Buzzmarketing

Best-Seller Buzzmarketing

Our CEO Mark literally put his company on the map when he convinced the town of Halfway, Oregon, to rename itself to, Oregon — which Time magazine called “one of the greatest publicity coups” in history.

The story become the subject of Penguin’s best-seller Buzzmarketing, Get People To Talk About Your Stuff.

With endorsements from Steve Forbes, The London School of Economics and the former CMO of Pepsi, its no wonder that Fast Company named it one of the Top 10 Business Books and was translated into 15 different languages.

Mark went on acquire 8.5 million customers in the 2 years after eBay acquired and that’s when he met Jeff.

Their marketing adventures with folks at Kimberly Clark and creating the Hottest Mom in America (probably the topic for another book) became the genesis of the C3 Metrics platform.


It Used To Be Easy

Once upon a time you could analyze all your media with a spreadsheet.  But Not today.  Digital adds billions of impressions plus the complexity of real-time feedback with siloed channels, making it nearly impossible to determine which ads are working and which ones are not.

Back in 2008, Mark & Jeff experienced this problem first-hand while spending nearly $1 million a month for a client.  Like many advertisers and agencies, they realized advertising analytics never changed to incorporate the full conversion funnel and was solely focused on last click measurement. 

They created C3 Metrics to provide you the marketer with a single source of truth for all of your advertising channels.

We Offer You A Proven Solution

Advertisers and agencies turn to C3 Metrics because its award-winning multi-channel platform is the easiest to implement, natively incorporates viewable impressions, and provides the real-time feedback necessary to run on every trading desk, DSP and ad network in the world.  We must be on to something as the former CEO of Nielsen and President of DoubleClick joined us on our mission to reshape media measurement.

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We Work & Play Hard

We’re not conventional.  We’re the same team who renamed a town to launch a startup and produced a TV show to promote a pharma product.  We are – creative problem solvers.  We get it done.  We are not always wonky.  Learn what we’re like in our play time.


Jump On Board & Enjoy the ROI

So if increasing ROI, decreasing your time to optimization, and delighting your peers sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Check out our blog, enjoy our free webinars, and don’t be shy! We can’t wait to hear from you, and learn how we can make your business even better by using C3 Metrics today!