Adnauseum = A New Challenge For Advertisers.

The issues faced with Adblock have become worrisome over the past few years. Facebook has just launched new projects to build around the walls that Adblock has created around internet users. With those new attempts to flow around the wall, new methods of building larger and more efficient walls have been created in order to provide a world where advertisements aren’t in the way of user experience.

The generation that most uses Adblock is also the generation that grew up with experiences of clicking an ad that would, in most cases, infect our computers with viruses. Adblock came about as a way to block out anything unwanted. With the concept now known to digital advertisers, the methods shifted on how to not only attract potential customers but to also work around something that was working against them.

Well, as if they had enough to work around, there seems to be another ad-block project starting. This time, it’s in the form of a new program called “Adnauseum”.

Adnauseum runs the same way as an ad-blocking software, except when blocking ads, the program clicks on all of them all while the user sees none.

As for the creation of this program, the official website states:

AdNauseam joins a broader class of software systems that attempt to serve ethical, political, and expressive ends. In light of the industry’s failure to achieve consensus on a Do Not Track standard, or to otherwise address the excesses of network tracking, AdNauseam allows individual users to take matters into their own hands, fighting back against unilateral surveillance. Taken in this light, the software follows an approach similar to that of TrackMeNot, employing obfuscation as a strategy to shift the balance of power between the trackers and the tracked. For further information on this approach, please see this paper.

The response refers to the amount of data that a company can track and uses it against them by making their numbers skyrocket as a form of protest against advertisers.

The results of this program are unknown and it’s reach has the potential to become another major thorn in the side of digital advertisers, but as the arms race between advertisers and ad-blockers becomes more prominent in the community we are starting to see a new page in the advancements of ad technology.