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Why Use C3 Metrics For Your Company

Ranked #1 – 2017 Attribution Vendor Scorecard
Most Accurate Solution – TBR Independent Research
Most Advanced Algorithm – 2017 Attribution Methodology Review
Global Winner – Red Herring 100
Global 250 Winner – AlwaysOn

Programmatic X-RayProgrammatic X-Ray

Stay on track with your programmatic ROI by having C3’s X-Ray watch your programmatic vendors & deploy real-time feedback to keep them aligned with your goals.

Moneyball for MediaMachine-Learning ‘Moneyball’ Model

Make better decisions with the most accurate data – C3’s ‘Moneyball for Media’ model utilizes a Bayesian machine-learning model updating with every conversion.

C3 Metrics EcosystemIntegrations

Use the vendors you already know and make them more powerful with plug-and-play connection to C3 Metrics.  C3 is integrated with 98% of the top 500 MarTech vendors.

Business FlexibilityBusiness Flexibility

Watch how your impossible becomes possible with C3 Metrics’ flexible platform built around a central premise:  every business is unique.  C3 is not one size fits all.

Time To Market

Save time and money with C3 Metrics’ record-setting integration speed.
Our team of top-rated attribution specialists will have you live before anyone else.

Proven Results

Increase your ROI today.