Financial Fridays = Saving over $11 Million Dollars.

Boy, do we have a fun one today. We groomed through a real company’s digital ad spend, and found that

After taking a look at the data, we were able to calculate that this special company was blowing (XYZ$$$) dollars on their ad spend.

Upon our first look, we noticed that there was a significant amount of big, fat goose eggs. After a quick calculation, we were able to determine that 91% of this company’s ad spend wasn’t generating any ROI.

The nature of this product is such that it is a need based product service which only arises every 7 years. In order to shift demand from solely need to want, it requires a shift away from paid search into display, pre-roll and content.

When 91% of your ads aren’t receiving any ROI, you have to make cuts. Needless to say, we made some intense cuts.

Take a look at the data we pulled and see how we were able to save this company over 11 million dollars.

This is just the tip of the iceburg.

This is just the tip of the iceburg.

By using C3 Metrics, you have the ability to see which affiliates weren’t working. This company just got the harsh realization that they are spending way too much money. Over $11 million dollars to be exact. Still think Last Click works for you? Think again.