The Magic Behind Our Incredible Support

At C3 Metrics, we’re known for our incredible support.

We’ve been told the reason is that we keep our support just as simple.

We don’t make our clients have to learn how to use a complicated support tool or go thru some ‘help desk’ – we keep in touch via standard email and phone.  As you can imagine, when managing hundreds of campaigns, the email starts to pile up for our Network Operations Team (AKA ‘Jedis’).  The Jedi’s wondered for a long time how we could possibly scale our support, while still keeping it simple for our clients.

Enter Help Scout.

Help Scout keeps us in touch with our clients via a simple shared platform — which to our clients looks just like regular email.  And on top of that, they connect directly to other tools we love.

We love you Help Scout.  Thank you for helping us help our clients (& keeping our jobs)!!