C3 is Attribution Made Simple. We invented the practice of capturing your big data and turning it into actionable insights to make you more money. Our award-winning platform with a simple drag-and-drop dashboard is carefully crafted to make managing today’s multi-channel campaigns easy and painless.

Just 3 Steps to Advertising Nirvana

C3’s simple set-up will make you smile

You select a plan & sign up.
Add C3’s awesome code
to your website & ads
Synchronize spend with C3.

Behind the Curtain

Here’s the nitty gritty on how we make magic happen with your big data.

Our code collects your big data
as consumers visit your website
and are exposed to your ads.

For Display Advertising, our code digs in deep to determine whether the user has actually seen your ad.

i3Your big data is immediately processed into individual sales funnels for immediate action in our secure data center.

i4Every conversion is split between each touch point. C3 adds in conversion controls and media cost for truly accurate ROI.

C3 Metrics was made for you and will increase your revenue, regardless of the size of your campaign.

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Conversion Controls

Skip over the folks that don't belong, it's easy with C3.

  • Ads Not Seen

    Ads Not Seen

    Unseen ads drop cookies, win conversions & confuse your numbers. C3 suppresses credit for ads which are never seen, allowing credit to go where deserved.

  • Navigational Last Click

    Navigational Last Click

    Branded keywords mess with your metrics as they're for navigation & don't drive conversions. C3 provides skipping 'navigational' search, unlocking your conversion drivers.

  • Last-Minute Credit

    Last-Minute Credit

    Last-minute view-through conversions rob credit from your true winners. C3 allows you to skip anyone from jumping in at the last second, rewarding the bounty where it's deserved.


Actionable Data!

C3 chats in real time with RTB & clues them in on how to improve performance.

  • Originator:  C3 Signals your upper funnel partners every time they’re involved in a conversion and even lets them know when they’re responsible for building awareness for your brand.
  • Assist:  C3 Signals your assisting partners that they’re helping out, otherwise they will shut down publishers and creatives which could be responsible for your next conversion.
  • Converter:  After applying Conversion Controls for Viewability, Brand Search and Last-Minute Credit, C3 signals the lower funnel converter.

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