MediaPost: Magnetic, C3 Metrics Help Marketers Refine Ad Targeting, Search

Magnetic and C3 Metrics have launched a retargeting and funnel attribution model. The combination of platforms from the two companies–search targeting and attribution technology–lets marketers understand the words consumers search to arrive at an advertiser’s Web site.

C3 Metrics CEO Mark Hughes says the deal gives advertisers insight into the “upper funnel,” especially the competitions’ keywords. Hughes says often times one competitor will bid against four others on search terms. If Audi knows it can capitalize on the positive correlation to a searcher searching on the word “Cadillac,” it may want to capture the data from the search terms so it can start remarketing display ads to people who search on the competitions’ keywords.

Hughes defines “positive correlation” as when a car manufacture like BMW spends $7 million more online this year, compared with last. The increase also benefits similar manufactures like Audi. “For every dollar spent on search marketing with the keyword ‘BMW,’ if you’re Audi, you might get $4.32 back in revenue value,” he says, explaining that the advertisers buys the ads against competitor bids and terms. “Cadillac might get $8.32.”

C3 Metrics is looking to capture the data that tells advertisers what words began the transaction or completed the conversion for the advertiser and its competitors.

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