1800’s Instagram = How Ikea Reached 1 Million Views In 3 Days.

Instagram, it’s the app on your phone that you use to take pictures of your food. Or maybe you use it to send filtered images of the beach to your friends. Only your friends know, and the government…and advertisers, but other than that, nobody else really knows. Well, a new advertisement by the Swedish furniture company Ikea, asked the question:

“What would Instagram be like in the 1800’s?”

Well, they went ahead and answered that question with a video.

The video shows a family in the 17th century, getting ready to sit down and eat. The father, impressed by the meal, hires a painter to come in and illustrate the meal on a large canvas. As the family eagerly waits, the canvas is finished and passed around all the land receiving criticism until it reaches someone who appears to be of high importance. The person approves and the canvas makes it way back to the family where it receives a thumbs up. The family, after waiting forever to eat, can finally dig in.

The reason for this ad was to create something that would remind people of the togetherness of cooking, eating, and enjoying time with family. The end comments read “It’s a meal, not a competition”, shows that we should simply enjoy our food and not give thought to what other people think about in the trivial aspect of how we eat.

Listen, nobody cares about what you’re eating. It’s a fact. With the increasing amount of views this ad has received, many users feel the same. With over 1 million hits in 3 days, it appears that many others feel the same way.