1to1 Magazine: Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Attribution management has all of the key elements of a summer blockbuster: An evil villain: the credit-hogging last click; Amazing special effects: algorithms that calculate the value (in dollars) that each marketing touchpoint generated in a customer interaction that culminates in a sale; and The potential for big box office numbers: early adopters of attribution management have achieved hefty returns on advertising spend and increases in customer value.

The process has one more quality in common with big-budget movies: marketing that dazzles. Attribution management done right not only highlights the contribution of each marketing touchpoint in spurring a sale, but it also helps improve marketing performance by giving marketers the information they need to shift their spend to more effective media.

According to an attribution study by C3 Metrics, for example, 44 percent of all online transactions analyzed originated with display advertising. That is, display advertising—and not search—first drove awareness in transactions that culminated with a conversion. “While many companies focus on the last click,” says C3 Metrics CEO Mark Hughes, “it is quite possible that the most important click is being overlooked.”

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