60% of Banner Ads are Clicked By Accident

Mobile location firm, Retale just put out a survey stating that almost 60% of banner ads are clicked on by mistake. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone with a smartphone considering every time you want to click on the content you want to view, seconds before you click it, a banner ad drops down.

A perfect example of Millennial frustration.

The statistics don’t lie. The above image happens a lot more than you think. The survey conducted by Retale has shown a lot more than just than just user mishaps. It shows that brands need to be restructuring how they go about advertising.

Pat Dermody, president of Retale had this to say:

“Mobile display spend will hit $18 billion this year. Given the investment and with the majority of mobile banner clicks done accidentally brands, marketers and agencies should reconsider their mobile strategies.”

Your advertisement is an extension of your brand. When I or someone else accidentally clicks on your ad, they then have to wait for the page to load, then hit the back button three times then read what it was that they originally came to see.

Banner ads aren’t an issue, it’s the way they go about presenting them that is. The way those ads come down just as I hit the button has always been an indicator that it’s almost programmed to do that. If that’s what it takes to get someone to view your brand, then, like Pat Dermondy says, you should reconsider your mobile strategy.

A few more statistics show that not only are your ads being accidentally clicked, they’re frustrating users:

After accidentally clicking an ad, most respondents said they felt annoyed (68%), frustrated (45%), or angry (22%).

Now, mobile banner ads do work. They turn a profit for those who know what they’re doing, but the execution of the ad is also important. If most people are viewing your ad accidentally then chances are, you’re not actually getting the attention that you want.

The issue is not about advertisements, but they way they can be executed, and in 2016 when we have the technology to better improve viewability, it seems that some companies don’t take into consideration the response’s they recieve.