With 70% of TV Viewers “DownHeading” TV Creative Hinges on Audio

eMarketer released its study on TV viewing + multitasking on Smartphones, computers, and tablets today: more than 70% of American TV viewers are “DownHeading” while watching TV.

“Because DownHeading prevails with 70% of Americans during TV viewing, the audio component of a TV commercial becomes paramount to the performance of TV creative,” said CEO of C3 Metrics advertising attribution data cloud Mark Hughes. “When a TV commercial pod begins, consumer attention goes down to the device…in order to literally lift someone’s head to watch that TV commercial, it’s the audio component of TV that has to do that heavy lifting because eyes are down at the second screen.”

Audio cues has always performed better than visual cues when it comes to recall. In a TNS study of two groups presented with advertising information with the brand removed, only 49% of people recalled advertising based on a visual cue, while 70% recalled advertising from a thirty-second musical cue.

MRI studies have shown that an audio stimulus stays in the brain 5x longer than a visual stimulus before the stimulus begins to fade.

“Every human being remembers when your boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you…you can replay those words in your head just like it was yesterday,” said CEO of C3 Metrics advertising attribution data cloud Mark Hughes. “Certain songs can make the hair stand up on your skin. Why does this happen? Nobody knows why, but what we know is that auditory stimuli can have tremendous power.”

How can TV creative drive better performance in today’s DownHeading world?

Can you hear me now?

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