Financial Fridays = Saving $566,157 Dollars

We here at C3 metrics are trying something different. Every Friday, we take a client of ours, make some cuts to their advertising spend, and show you how your company can save money! In less than 45 minutes, we were able to cut costs for this company and save them  over $566,157 dollars.
TV2 end

Lets lets cut these costs like an ax to a tree:


Local TV NET 1 was making $464,578 dollars to advertise their brand. We were able to cut $32,688 dollars and maintain a solid 3.5 in ROI. The company is now spending a total of $431,890 dollars in advertising.

Local TV NET 2 was spending $225,858 dollars in television advertising.  Let’s cut another $32,688 dollars. That bring their ROI to $2.4 and their spend is now 193,170!

 Local TV Net 3 was doing well. We took the money we saved from the first two affiliates and put that into  their spend.

Local TV NET 7 was spending over $20,000 dollars in ad spend so we cut that in half. The money we cut was placed into Local TV NET 8.

Overall the amount of money that came out of those cuts was extraordinary. When you use C3 Metrics, you can see the data for yourself. We give you the tools necessary to start seeing where to put your money for the best results!