Ad Blocking Attribution + A Millenials View

(Disclaimer: I don’t hate Maine)

Last night, as I anxiously readied my delicate body to browse the dankest memes this side of planet Earth, I came across a link to a GQ article that read:

“Maine: Do We Need it?”

The jokes took a totally uneducated stab at the life of Mainers. It was clearly to troll people, but it gave me something to throw at my friend (she’s from Maine).

As I have, in the past, lightheartedly mocked Maine to get a rile out of her, I was thoroughly inclined to read it and then instantly send it to her to further drive her crazy. I do that because its funny, I think I’m funny, and you should think I’m funny too. Well, that didn’t happen. In an act of karma, the universe (as well as GQ Magazine) had a different plan. As I clicked on the article, I was greeted by a pop-up ad that I could not close out of:

Now, that picture is really cool. Especially for us, here, at C3Metrics. We love everything Star Wars! So I decided to continue and clicked on the “View With Ads” selection thinking that would bring me to your lovely and articulate research as to why the United States doesn’t need Maine. Unfortunately I was brought to another page where I was pretentiously told to have a seat and listen to why sites like GQ operate off of advertisements:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.33.38 AM
Look, I totally get it, GQ, and I agree with you for the necessity of your ads. Thats how the internet can operate. It makes total sense, but after clicking on the option to view with ads, I should have been brought to the article. I appreciate your offer for coffee and water, but I just didn’t have enough time to stay. Im sure you understand that. Im more of a “chew and screw” kinda guy. What I’m trying to say is that this should have been instantaneous. Its not out of the question –  in todays day and age it needs to be. So while you were trying to get me to disable my adblock to read your article, I lost interest and moved on. The 20 seconds it takes to disable adblock is too much work. My time is limited.

I’m not here to tell you that advertising is bad – that’s not my point. Advertising moves the world, but there are better ways to achieve traffic to sites without losing viewers like myself. I could have sent the article to numerous friends and their friends could have seen it, too. It’s not just me. Their strategy lacked the ability to give me what I wanted in an effective manner. It would have been one thing if, after clicking “View with Ad’s”, I would have been brought to where I wanted to go, but to bring me to another tab with that message wasn’t necessary. It wasted my time and they lost traffic.