Ad Of The Day: Grandpa Can Deadlift

People who work out are tough, durable, and hard. That is why Smith & Forge Hard Cider chose to create an advertisement to illustrate how hard these people actually are.

The pitch: Hire a makeup and effects team to turn world-class CrossFit trainer, Kenneth Leverich into an old man, then throw him into the fire at California’s famous Muscle Beach.

We’ve seen these types of tropes performed before. Johny Knoxville used it for a number of skits on the show, Jackass, as well as the entire film Bad Grandpa. The idea is to record real people’s reactions to seeing this feeble, old man deadlifting against some of the studliest of studs.

As I had mentioned, this isn’t really a new type of stunt. What is new, is the fact that this advertisement hit 28-million Youtube views in just 24 hours. The reactions of the crowd are priceless. Many watched in awe as the old man was able to compete with many other lifters.

This type of ad is crucial in terms of advertising online. The experience of this ad is something more akin to hidden internet shock videos than scripted commercials. Nothing was staged, albeit Kenneth Leverich, and the people watching were taken aback.

At the time of writing this, the video has over 52-million views.

Check out the video here.