AdAge – TV Analytics Firm Tries a Radical Approach to Market Itself: TV

Jack Neff at AdAge writes that “C3 Metrics is a rare industry example of putting money where its mouth is”

Of the many ways ad agencies and research firms pitch themselves, actually buying ads in the media they use or measure for clients is rare — particularly TV. But in a possibly unprecedented example of a marketing-services firm putting its money where its mouth is — or vice versa — analytics firm C3 Metrics is running direct-response TV ads on entertainment and sports programming and winning attention from clients and new business as a result.

While C3 Metrics does multi-media analysis to attribute sales lift from advertising, it’s focused primarily on what’s still the biggest media budget for many advertisers — TV.

“We have clients spending up to $100 million a year on TV able to optimize down to a spot level,” said C3 Metrics COO Jeff Greenfield. “So we thought if this is working for them, there’s got to be a way to make it work for us, even if our audience is much smaller. TV is still in our minds the most powerful medium out there.”

C3 Metrics has tweaked ad creative at least a dozen times in the past year based on its findings and refined its TV buys using its own system.

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