Adotas: Full Funnel Attribution

As reported at Adotas in Full-Funnel Attribution: All In The Details, written by C3 Metrics CEO Mark Hughes:

This year you may dive into one of the most eye-opening areas of online marketing — full funnel attribution. If you’re managing a multimillion dollar online ad budget, you’ll learn an important business detail: today’s outdated ad-tracking systems give 100% transaction credit to the very last clicked or last viewed ad before an online transaction.

Example: if four Internet ads contribute to a transaction, today’s outdated systems allocate entire credit to the fourth and last ad, ignoring the first three ads that actually drove the revenue. Zero credit to revenue drivers, and 100% credit to the last ad placed. Frightening.

But now you can begin evaluating full-funnel media attribution. Full-funnel attribution systems recognize that credit should be assigned to a team of Internet ads versus the last ad.

Seven-figure efficiency in your online ad budget? Fantastic! But before you foray into full-funnel attribution, ask seven questions because they reveal key details.

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