Adotas: Media Attribution Metamorphosis, Part 1

As reported at Adotas in Media Attribution Metamorphosis, Part 1, written by C3 Metrics CEO Mark Hughes:

Each year, $90 billion dollars are spent on TV and Internet Advertising in America. Most TV dollars are loosely tracked (and dare I say, wasted).

Internet advertising, however, is the most trackable form of advertising on earth. No problems there, right? Actually, most online advertisers have no idea the fundamental measurement systems dictating what works online… are completely wrong.

Yes, wrong. Here’s why:

Imagine you’re overseeing a multimillion dollar online ad budget. And imagine one day, you discover that today’s outdated online ad tracking systems give 100% transaction credit to the very last clicked or last viewed ad before an online transaction.

Example: if four Internet ads contribute to a transaction; today’s outdated systems allocate entire credit to the fourth, last ad–ignoring the first three ads, which actually drove the revenue.

Zero credit to revenue drivers, and 100% credit to the last ad placed. Yes, wrong.

But enter the full funnel media attribution model: robust media attribution systems that recognize credit should be assigned to a team of Internet ads versus just the last one. At a basic level, credit is assigned to Originators, Assists, and Converters within a transaction.

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