Adotas: Media Attribution Metamorphosis, Part 2

As reported at Adotas in Media Attribution Metamorphosis, Part 2, written by C3 Metrics CEO Mark Hughes:

CBS’s average audience is five times the size of Facebook’s. TV is still the big media king…it just can’t compete technologically with robust media tracking and attribution models in existence today.

Or could it?

Can we teach an old dog new technology? Can the same cross-device attribution model be applied to TV?

Let’s return to those two solutions: Adroid + NFC, or even Facebook mobile + NFC.

The TV is a media device just like a tablet. TV ads are similar to online Display banner ads: impressions that may have influence on the consumer’s purchase funnel going from awareness to purchase. TV ads have tracking IDs just like Internet banners (in TV, it’s called an ISCI code).

TV is just missing the capture of its display ads within a robust media attribution model–determining if the TV ad is one of the Originators, Assists, or Converters in a sale.

Could Android or Facebook do the same thing with TV…namely record all the TV ad information, and transfer it using NFC?

Right now, it’s possible. Let’s survey the technology of our living rooms:

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