Advertising Haiku’s = 6 Second Ads

Youtube has been in practice of releasing non-skippable advertisements that play before selective videos. In the age where information needs to constantly be presented faster than ever before, 6-second ads prove to be a new test to see if going shorter means a larger return.

As I was browsing through music video Youtube last night, I found that an ad for the new summer comedy, Pop-Star, starring the famous Lonely Island Boys, has decided to become one of the internet’s first series of short ads.

The film is about a rich pop-star and the detailing of his luxurious lifestyle. How this goes hand in hand with the use of a 6-second advertisement works almost too well. Each ad uses a clip from the mockumentary as if you were watching “MTV Cribs” or “Behind The Music” where it utilizes a small quote from Andy Samberg’s character. Most of the time, the quotes are blatantly idiotic which gives an overall implication as to how the film will be.

The use of these 6-second ads are not only important, but incredibly useful. Both parties benefit from the prospect of having a shorter ad. I, for one, did not search for the “Skip Ad” button to count down because it didn’t exist.

The issue is a responce to the concept that, if faced with an ad that was skippable, most users would choose that option.  The idea of giving users the innability to not skip an advertisement was not an option due to the removing the innability forthe user to control what they wanted. What Youtube could do, however, was to make these ads shorter and non-skippable.

With the option to skip an advertisement at the 5 second mark, users already had to sit through 5-seconds. So why not get the point across in 6, and take away the option for skipping. That one extra second shouldn’t matter for most users, and they can also sit through the ad without anxiousely waiting to skip it.

With the world of new 6-second ads, advertisers will need to change how they reach out to individuals. Having a 6-second ad can also derrive new and exciting ideas based around presenting the information necessary in order to appeal to target audiences.

While still in its infant stage, we here at C3 Metrics look forward to seeing how advertisers will adjust to the new and unfamiliar territory.