Attribution #1 Item For 73% of Marketers Now | Nerds > Words

It’s the biggest growth item according to eMarketer’s survey of “Topics That Will Command Most of Marketing/Media Practitioners Attention in the US” performed by the IAB and Winterberry Group.
It’s not only #1 for 2017, but the highest growing item as well.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

  1. If you’re advertising in seven different media channels, each channel has as least of 1/7 chance (14.2%) of getting credit. To ignore the elephant in the room with last click getting 100% is…ignorant.
  2. Onboarding can take 2-3 weeks if you’re not using a onerous proxy-server attribution platform; then allow an additional 4-6 weeks for data to cook.
  3. Machine-Learning Bayesian modeling removes the need for only two models a year.
  4. Single-Source JS tagging platforms now allow data uniformity like never before.

In other words, big data (still big) is now manageable, actionable, and accurate (with the right platform). Keep in mind that garbage in, is still garbage out.
CPA now becomes ACPA. ROAS now becomes AROAS.
Nerds and Words come together.