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Why Use C3 Metrics For Your Company

Ranked #1 – 2017 Attribution Vendor Scorecard
Most Accurate Solution – TBR Independent Research
Most Advanced Algorithm – 2017 Attribution Methodology Review
Global Winner – Red Herring 100
Global 250 Winner – AlwaysOn

“With C3 Metrics, we get indisputable truth. It makes no sense at all to use last click measurement systems.
We’re supposed to believe that only one channel was responsible for an online sale?  It’s ridiculous.”

Jeff Connor | COO, Reebok Spartan Race
Spartan Race

Programmatic X-RayProgrammatic X-Ray

Stay on track with your programmatic ROI by having C3’s X-Ray watch your programmatic vendors & deploy real-time feedback to keep them aligned with your goals.

Moneyball for MediaMachine-Learning ‘Moneyball’ Model

Make better decisions with the most accurate data – C3’s ‘Moneyball for Media’ model utilizes a Bayesian machine-learning model updating with every conversion.

C3 Metrics EcosystemIntegrations

Use the vendors you already know and make them more powerful with plug-and-play connection to C3 Metrics.  C3 is integrated with 98% of the top 500 MarTech vendors.

Business FlexibilityBusiness Flexibility

Watch how your impossible becomes possible with C3 Metrics’ flexible platform built around a central premise:  every business is unique.  C3 is not one size fits all.

Time To Market

Save time and money with C3 Metrics’ record-setting integration speed.
Our team of top-rated attribution specialists will have you live before anyone else.

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