When Attribution Marketing Meets Wayne Dyer

“Change the way you Look at things, and the things you look at change.”  This quote from Wayne Dyer seems ludicrous.  Things are what they are…aren’t they?  Certainly with marketing attribution, right?

I remembered a relationship I had in College.  I was attracted to this person from afar, for two years.  Then one day she was in my class.  So naturally, we became friends, started dating, and things went how I expected.   It was your typical College romance on a bucolic campus.

But then we had a class project.  We teamed up, just the two of us.  I discovered when working side-by-side, this person didn’t fit my expectation.

I broke it off.

In retrospect…the object of my desires didn’t change at all.  It was the way I looked at her…the way I looked at her (not her, herself) changed, and thus things changed.”

Wayne Dyer’s quote was real, not ludicrous.

And so it is with marketing attribution–marketing measurement.  Perhaps you use an adserver, you pull data from adwords, kenshoo, or marin.  You log into several systems to measure performance.  Perhaps you have 4-7 logins altogether.

You aggregate data weekly, monthly, quarterly.  You make decisions based on the numbers spit out because they are numbers.  Those numbers are put into reports and believed.

Believed because they are numbers:  Black against white.

But the way you look at things (more appropriately the way conventional systems look at things) is through last click.  One row = one converter.  If there are not multiple columns, rows, or fields for multiple contributing sources, you are living in the past.

When you spend your days or dollars against 4, 5, 6, 7 different channels, those channels have cross-channel impact.  A conversion ≠no other channel allowed?  Really?

That feeling in your stomach, that sixth sense, tells you every time you see that report…you know it’s wrong.  You know the way this industry looks at conversions is wrong:  siloed channels never acknowledging shared impact, ignoringthe elephant of viewability, cross-device not joined together.  Holy crap, you don’t want to think about it anymore.  Sometimes denial is better.  Is it?

But…change the way you look at things , and the things you look at change.

Over 200 advertisers have done exactly this with C3 Metrics.

You worry:  have you picked the right one?  The perfect one?  There is no perfect marketing attribution model or perfect car…at some point you have to choose a car or else you’ll never get anywhere.

But change the way you look at the error of conventional marketing measurement, and the things you look at change.  Apples (old brown rotting ones) versus oranges (fresh, succulent, amazing ones).

With C3 Metrics, we can’t promise you the perfect marketing attribution model (run if anyone promises that).  But we can promise you this:

  •  Cross-Device tracking
  • Single source viewability
  • Advanced machine-learning Bayesian models (same modeling used by Netflix and the self-driving Google cars).
  • Programmatic pixel firing
  • 7 day onboarding
  • Data you can use to make decisions within 30 days of onboard

We call it the world’s first complete attribution platform.  But don’t take our word for it, compare us to everyone the other attribution companies.

How do you begin?

It all starts with changing the way you look at your current convention…once you do, the things you look at weekly, monthly, quarterly, will change.

You will know the truth (or untruth) of that weekly, monthly, quarterly convention.