Attribution Modeling + Yoga = Statue of David

Six years of yoga, and you think you’re becoming who you want to be.

Calming your mind to reach fleeting moments of mild euphoria.  Sculpting your practice.  Then one day your teacher reads a passage that simultaneously wipes out the story you’ve created in your mind (becoming that person) and replaces it with simple wisdom.

The wisdom:

“Growth isn’t  about becoming the person you want to be, growth is about unbecoming.

For it is only by unbecoming that we find the truth about who we really are.”

And there it was:  not about becoming, it’s about unbecoming.

Michelango who carved the famous statue of David said, “the more the marble wastes, the more the statue grows.”  Growth = unbecoming.  Wasting, carving, and melting what is unbecoming to reveal true soul, true beauty.

It took six years of yoga to realize the obvious (which is not always apparent).  And so it is with the measurement we call attribution modeling.  Once you embark on your first few months of attribution modeling, you may ask yourself, “What now?”

The answer begins with the same wisdom about unbecoming, and carving that away.

In short order, the attribution modeling data paints a mosaic with numbers.  The first step is to identify what is unbecoming, and remove/change the unbecoming.  Immediately, your statue begins to look more beautiful.

By unbecoming, we become.

Then we strengthen our craft by sharing the mosaic painted by numbers with the community.  In Michelangelo’s world, that community is Milan, Italy, and all its visitors.  In your marketing world, that community = programmatic partners, search vendors, your content marketers, and more–so that they too can sculpt and carve away the unbecoming revealing the truth of attribution modeling.

The sculptor’s hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone.  Will you?