Attribution Modeling Newbies –> Your Wife vs Your Last Girlfriend

Getting used to something new (especially after many years of doing something an old way) requires adjustment.  Humans are creatures of habit.

So when change presents itself, slipping into old bad habits isn’t uncommon.

I was on the phone with a client of ours, a marketing director for a well-known food delivery company, who successfully uses attribution modeling.  He’s been using it for about 18 months and in retrospect was telling us about his journey of change from last click to full funnel attribution with management.

The story went like this:  at first, management wanted to compare side-by-side the old last click (and obviously incorrect) way of measurement versus the C3 Metrics attribution marketing data.

You’d want to see what differences there were, and the magnitude of those differences in addition to in-platform viewability, cross-device, intelligent conversion controls, etc.  Completely understandable to satisfy curiosity.

But after seeing those differences side-by-side for several months, and increasing revenue with lower spend, the marketing director, said:  “OK, we’re done with the past, let’s stop tracking both…last click is antiquated and wrong.”

He prevailed because the management team was able to see the forest through the trees, and well as the trees.  So they dropped all the last click data.  But it wasn’t easy.

Which brings us the the title of this piece. Comparing the last click to attribution modeling data is like comparing your wife to your last girlfriend.  No reason to compare your last girlfriend to your wife (at all).

Crazy to do so (and you would get in deep deep deep yogurt if you did).  Your wife is your wife, and that last girlfriend is simply a bad nightmare.

Good night’s sleep v. bad nightmare.

So newbies to attribution modeling:  compare that last click girlfriend at first (because you want to get away from that).

But once you get your head screwed on correctly…don’t compare that last girlfriend to your wife.