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FB’s Pre-Roll Affirms ‘GoogleBook’ vs TV War

In an abrupt about-face, FB now joins YouTube with pre-roll ads.  AdAge reported that after Zuckerberg told investors pre-roll wasn’t in the company’s future, Facebook is now adding pre-roll. A complete 180 in a matter of months. Despite the arch rivalry between Facebook and Google (fighting for employees and ad dollars), this new decision by […]

Is Linda Yaccarino TV’s Gandhi?

At this week’s NBCU Summit attended by competing TV executives, Linda Yaccarino did the unpopular, but courageous thing for the TV industry. She said: “we’ve got a problem.” It was quote that personified the day (perhaps the decade). “We’ve got to fix this mess we’re in,” she continued. Yaccarino said Comcast was willing to consider […]

Playing With Pain (Life + Business)

The part of Steve Jobs life that no one talks about is the hellish painful part. After creating the Macintosh and its software with only 13 people, Jobs was summarily fired by the very person he recruited to help run the company.  Betrayed. He created the most amazing computer on the planet, and was kicked […]

Why Content’s 80:20 Rule is Really 80:40

Oracle’s Mark Hurd cites:  the Fortune 500 spends more on marketing each year, but revenue (excluding acquisitions) for half the Fortune 500 went down despite marketing spend going up. It’s a self-serving statement pointing to the need for more marketing accountability for which Oracle sells (and so does C3 Metrics).  But it underscores two problems: […]

With 70% of TV Viewers “DownHeading” TV Creative Hinges on Audio

eMarketer released its study on TV viewing + multitasking on Smartphones, computers, and tablets today: more than 70% of American TV viewers are “DownHeading” while watching TV. “Because DownHeading prevails with 70% of Americans during TV viewing, the audio component of a TV commercial becomes paramount to the performance of TV creative,” said CEO of […]

Is This the Best B2B TV Ad of the Year?

Creating a great TV spot is difficult. Anheuser-Busch’s Martin Weinberg calculated the probability of an ad agency coming up with a strong campaign: one in twenty. On top of that, he projected the probability of Anheuser-Busch’s management recognizing a strong campaign also averaged one in twenty. In TV, creative counts for just about everything. 70% […]

Did Radio Just Out-Thor TV?

Maybe. In an unprecedented move, Cumulus Radio offered an industry-first ROI guarantee when advertising with Westwood One Radio. Although, Cumulus has the smallest market cap of any publicly traded radio media group…it’s a David vs Goliath move that’s gotten attention. Recently, TV media sellers have banded together to combat the mountain of data that digital […]

Facebook vs TV Smackdown Just Began: Auto Dealer Ad$

Facebook confirmed it’s adding Auto Dealer listings to the Marketplace tab by integrating auto dealer inventory feeds through Cars.com, Edmunds (and more to come). Marketplace vehicles have historically been the sole domain of individual listings like Craigslist. Local TV has witnessed the grand theft of ad dollars by digital for two straight years in the […]