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How Can Attribution Increase My Budget?

How can attribution increase my budget? Turns out…it’s the combination of ‘Accountable Marketer’ + Proof’. Accountable Marketer If you’re doing 1000 conversions across 12 different vendors, when you add up all the reports … it will show you did 12,000. This classic over counting leads most marketers to guess in their reporting so they don’t […]

How Do Companies Succeed With Attribution?

Your success with Attribution will be the result of the 80/20 rule: 20% Technology & 80% People The 20%:  Technology You need your Attribution Technology Platform (the ‘20%’) to measure across all media (paid, earned, owned), capture all KPI’s and include brand metrics (awareness, intent, etc.). Your Attribution technology needs to Holistically have a solution […]

What Does The ‘C3’ Stand For?

When C3 Metrics was originally formed in 2008, everyone was working remotely. The C3 Metrics team spanned from Pennsylvania to Boston up to New Hampshire and across the US to San Diego. In 2010, our founders, Mark Hughes and Jeff Greenfield decided to move C3 Metrics  (& anyone who would join them) to Portsmouth, New […]

Are You a Wannabe Wanamaker?

John Wanamaker once said… “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Nearly a century later, the holy grail of what is known as “multi-touch attribution” (attributing marketing results to all of the elements of your marketing spending) is helping answer this question for today’s “Wannabe […]

How Do You Increase ROI?

The #1 Question we get all of the time is … “How do we increase our ROI (Return on Investment)?” The key to increasing ROI is using data to help make better and faster decisions. Of course we all know that data can be: Confusing Overwhelming Crazy ‘Rip my hair out’ But it doesn’t have […]