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3 Keys To Operationalize Attribution (or Anything)

Attribution works (it’s the math), but building consensus and operationalizing marketing attribution requires three incredibly important keys which need to be followed. Matt DiAntonio shared at the C3 SUMMIT how he led his organization thru the shift from ‘last click’ to fully operationalizing attribution by adopting this strategy. (In fact …. these 3 keys could […]

Math: The Source and New Frontier of Attribution with Michael Kaushansky

Michael Kaushansky is one of today’s brightest measurement leaders. He comes on the show and shares the story of how he came to be in the digital marketing space and how he along with other mathematicians came to birth what is essentially known as attribution today, tune in to this episode to also hear what he foresees as its inevitable future!

Attribution Discovery & Secrets To Scaling Your Digital Marketing with Vanessa Branco

Vanessa Branco knows: When you buy digital media at scale, you need to have attribution. She used Attribution to discover the ‘halo’ of digital advertising which filled the funnel for one public company and increased their ROI over 300%! Tune in for an insightful episode as Vanessa offers important advice on creative performance, what to budget for testing, and how long you should test for (it’s longer than you’d think!).

C3 Metrics Appoints Greg Collins as CEO

Collins joins tenured team as demand for advertising attribution accelerates C3 Metrics, the global leader in cross-platform advertising attribution measurement and accountability, announced that Greg Collins has been named CEO. A 25-year veteran in enterprise software and marketing services, Collins has held senior positions with industry leaders including Price Waterhouse, DataSource, Open Secure Access, Basho […]

C3 Metrics Selected As Finalist For Best Attribution Platform

C3 Metrics, a global leader in cross-platform advertising attribution measurement and accountability, today announced its nomination as a finalist for the 5th Digiday Technology Awards in the Best Marketing/Attribution Platform category. Part of the Digiday Awards Program, which is dedicated to recognizing innovation, creativity and excellence across many fields, the 2019 Digiday Technology Awards honor […]

C3 Metrics CCPA & Google Chrome Privacy Briefing

Google’s recent data privacy changes and the potential impact to ad tech was the topic of a recent conference call held with Shyam Patil, Senior Equity Analyst, Susquehanna Securities and C3 Metrics Co-Founder, Jeff Greenfield. These changes actually started on April 16, 2016, when the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) was born. GDPR is a regulation in […]

What’s the Difference Between MMM & MTA?

Why are simple explanations always the best? Turns out… it’s the best way to build your foundation of understanding and knowledge. The remarkable thing about AdTech, Digital Marketing and Measurement: We love long explanations with a heavy dose of acronyms. (yawn!!)     In this Data Gurus Podcast excerpt with Sima Vasa, our Co-Founder & […]

How Do You Increase ROI?

The #1 Question we get all of the time is … “How do we increase our ROI (Return on Investment)?” The key to increasing ROI is using data to help make better and faster decisions. Of course we all know that data can be: Confusing Overwhelming Crazy ‘Rip my hair out’ But it doesn’t have […]

C3 Metrics Named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™

C3 Metrics, a global leader in cross-platform advertising measurement and accountability, today announced its naming to Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500™, an annual ranking of the fastest growing North American companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech sectors. C3 Metrics’ co-founder, Jeff Greenfield, credits C3’s emphasis on diversity, inclusion, transparency and […]