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C3 Metrics Selected As Finalist For Best Attribution Platform

C3 Metrics, a global leader in cross-channel advertising attribution measurement and accountability, today announced its nomination as a finalist for the 5th Digiday Technology Awards in the Best Marketing/Attribution Platform category. Part of the Digiday Awards Program, which is dedicated to recognizing innovation, creativity and excellence across many fields, the 2019 Digiday Technology Awards honor […]

Google Chrome Privacy Changes & The Impact On AdTech + Attribution

Google’s recent data privacy changes and the potential impact to ad tech was the topic of a recent conference call held with Shyam Patil, Senior Equity Analyst, Susquehanna Securities and C3 Metrics COO, Jeff Greenfield. These changes actually started on April 16, 2016, when the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) was born. GDPR is a regulation in […]

C3 Metrics and Havas Helia Bring Attribution To Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Product Will Be the First to Enable Attribution Measurement of CRM Platforms Such as Email, Digital Media, OTT, Household Addressable TV and Direct Mail C3 Metrics, the global leader in cross-channel advertising measurement attribution and accountability, and Havas Helia, the data and digital CRM agency of the HAVAS network, announced a partnership to develop the […]

C3 Metrics Welcomes Lauren Lannan As Director of Product Management

Pandora & Accordant Media vet to drive accreditation and product advancement for cross-channel measurement provider. C3 Metrics, the global leader in cross-channel advertising measurement and accountability, today announced that Lauren Lannan has joined the company as Director of Product Management. With eight years in the AdTech industry, Lauren’s extensive experience of building products and teams […]

How Can Attribution Increase My Budget?

How can attribution increase my budget? Turns out…it’s the combination of ‘Accountable Marketer’ + Proof’. Accountable Marketer If you’re doing 1000 conversions across six different vendors, when you add up all the reports …your tally will (wrongfully) say you had 6,000 conversions (not the true 1,000 conversions). This classic over counting leads most marketers to […]