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Is LinkedIn B2B Advertising 8.8x More Powerful?

Is LinkedIn B2B advertising 8.8x more powerful than what LinkedIn, itself, shows? Yes, according to C3 Metrics. From a measurement perspective, this is surprising. According to Salesforce’s 2020 Report, the average number of marketing channels used in 2017 by advertisers was 5.4. In 2018, it’s climbing to 6.2 different marketing channels. Yet every single marketing […]

3 Secrets To Data Driven Transformation

So… you’ve got Attribution in place. On a weekly basis, your C3 Metrics team is QA’ing the data, validating the model’s ability to predict outcomes and you’re following the recommended optimizations from the platform. And … ROI is up.  It’s up SUBSTANTIALLY (C3 clients see between a 15% – 44% increase in ROI). You and […]

3 Keys To Operationalize Attribution (or Anything)

Attribution works (it’s the math), but building consensus and operationalizing marketing attribution requires three incredibly important keys which need to be followed. VP of Analytics Matt DiAntonio shared at the C3 SUMMIT how he led his organization thru the shift from ‘last click’ to fully operationalizing attribution by adopting this strategy. (In fact …. these […]

Attribution After Dark comes to Chicago

Join C3 Metrics and other industry leaders on May 18th, in Chicago at theWit for outstanding food, drinks, and conversation as we dive into hot topics surrounding attribution and explore the challenge of connecting both traditional and digital media to both online and into retail. Watch the video below or learn more here. Our industry leaders are […]