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The Secret to Life, and

In the movie Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black plays a wanna be Super Hero chosen through odd circumstance to be the anointed “Dragon Warrior,” a master of great skill granted the secrets of the universe by reading the Dragon Scroll, kept delicately out of reach to all on the temple ceiling. Problem is:  Po is […]

When Attribution Marketing Meets Wayne Dyer

“Change the way you Look at things, and the things you look at change.”  This quote from Wayne Dyer seems ludicrous.  Things are what they are…aren’t they?  Certainly with marketing attribution, right? I remembered a relationship I had in College.  I was attracted to this person from afar, for two years.  Then one day she […]

Attribution Modeling Newbies –> Your Wife vs Your Last Girlfriend

Getting used to something new (especially after many years of doing something an old way) requires adjustment.  Humans are creatures of habit. So when change presents itself, slipping into old bad habits isn’t uncommon. I was on the phone with a client of ours, a marketing director for a well-known food delivery company, who successfully […]

Attribution Modeling + Yoga = Statue of David

Six years of yoga, and you think you’re becoming who you want to be. Calming your mind to reach fleeting moments of mild euphoria.  Sculpting your practice.  Then one day your teacher reads a passage that simultaneously wipes out the story you’ve created in your mind (becoming that person) and replaces it with simple wisdom. […]

Attribution Modeling ••• “We Don’t Need It” (You’re Fired)

One of our attribution modeling clients had a situation: the marketing manager left, and business intelligence person also left.  No one knew if they were fired, went to a competitor, or jumped to Jamaica. The new person showed up.  Fairly senior, and in fact the, new boss. He called to fire us.  This happens every […]

Attribution Marketing + Modeling: Yes You Can

Every other morning a morning walk takes me to a salt water inlet where I grew up.  I try not to think about business, attribution, or marketing.  I often succeed. One of the things I pass on my morning route is a 14 foot high boulder.  Glaciers once covered this area millions of years ago, […]

Impact of Time in Attribution

All we see on the apple tree in spring is a flower–the apple blossom.  Where is the apple we ask?  After all, it’s an apple tree.  But wisdom tells us that what we see in spring is not final.  The journey from flower to apple will indeed be there in the natural course of time. […]

How to Start a CMO / CFO Love Affair

Sometimes a relationship between CMO and CFO generates tension. When sales rise, the CMO / CFO relationship works. When sales slow, however, more meetings and calls happen. CFO to CMO: 1. We need to cut budget 2. We need to understand which advertising expenditures drive revenue and which don’t Both questions trigger a faster heartbeat. […]

More Like a Wine Maker, Less Like a Beer Maker

I remember testing 104 different banners on a Yahoo home page media buy. The data was robust, and we had CTR answers on all 104 iterations within 24 hours. Lightning fast decisions can be intoxicating. But that was then, and perhaps we’ve all had too much to drink in the past ten plus years online—especially […]