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The Fast and the Furious Have a New Platform.

Speed is no longer something only sought after by Adrenaline Junkies. The business world now craves high speed. Whether its High speed data transfer, Immediate response times, Or something as simple as Microwaving Ravioli instead of cooking on the stove. C3 Metrics realizes this, So we have the fastest Turn around possible. All data is […]

What is Marketing Attribution?

What is Marketing Attribution? Here’s how one company defines it: Assign credit for sales and conversions to touchpoints in conversion paths.  An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. For example, the Last Interaction model in Google Analytics assigns […]

Marketing Attribution Delivers New Brand Awareness

When utilizing a solid Marketing Attribution platform, Brand awareness can now be measured in real data. User paths are monitored and every user is given a a single funnel (both converter and non-converter). Brand awareness is much more than how many branded search terms were clicked on. Branding has become much more complex than word […]

Marketing Attribution Revolution

Are You Ready for the Marketing Attribution Revolution? One thing is known in the business world. It takes power to run, Whether this be branding, funding, or an amazing sales team… becoming a thriving business is about investing wisely, learning, and expanding. When trying to sell anything, it must be known that it’s being sold. […]

E-commerce Marketing Attribution

One thing is clear when an e-commerce brand launches a new campaign:  the ad has to be seen in order for it to work. The ever evolving riddle of how to locate your target market and effectively market to them, with an ever expanding world of online media mixed with blog forums and social media […]

AdAge – TV Analytics Firm Tries a Radical Approach to Market Itself: TV

Jack Neff at AdAge writes that “C3 Metrics is a rare industry example of putting money where its mouth is” Of the many ways ad agencies and research firms pitch themselves, actually buying ads in the media they use or measure for clients is rare — particularly TV. But in a possibly unprecedented example of a […]

Entourage – New Paragon of Product Placement

T.L. Stanley interviews C3 Metrics Co-Founder in AdWeek as part of Entourage product placement coverage. CAA put Ellin and GM together “to try to create real human relationships and see what those might lead to,” says Jae Goodman, chief creative officer and co-head of CAA Marketing. “What we were looking for was something meaningful.” Across […]

C3 Metrics Co-Founder in Rolling Stone

As Rolling Stone reports, the UK labelUniversal Publishing Production Music, has established itself in an increasingly lucrative corner of the record business known as “production music”, in which companies maintain extensive song catalogs specifically for commercial use. Their tracks are brimming with quality beats, contemporary credibility, and star power by association, since many of the […]

5 Tech Solutions to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Vivek Sharma, the CEO of Moveable Ink has inked a piece over at Tech Cocktail on 5 Tech Solutions to Boost Your Marketing Efforts. Tchnology is a tool that can help amplify your company’s marketing efforts. During your early startup phase, it’s probably best to keep it simple and stick to the basics. But once […]