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Casting A Net > A Single Line = The Attribution of Fishing.

In a world where advertising is the key factor in brand awareness, many advertisers are looking towards more detailed layouts to give them a better idea of the effectiveness of their ads. Despite what you may believe, by using the old methods, your data isn’t coming through as accurately. If you didn’t know this, now you do. Let’s […]

Jeff Greenfield at the IEN Marketing Analytics Summit

Last week our very own COO, Jeff Greenfield sat as a panel moderator for the IEN Marketing Analytics Summit at 3 West Club in New York where experts discussed the power and pitfalls of specific advanced metrics, such as multi-touch attribution, customer lifetime value, and more. The two-day event touched upon the Who, What, and How of attribution […]

C3 Metrics = Giving Your Ad Spend A Haircut.

The 80’s were a time of big hair. Musicians would use any hair product imaginable to keep their hair wild and loud. If your hair wasn’t crazy, it showed that you weren’t crazy enough. If you weren’t crazy enough, how could you possibly shred face-melting guitar solos? Well, that time came and went. As many of […]

Fake News = Safety in Ad Spend

Fake news is everywhere. It hides in the night stalking the next victim who will simply read a headline and instantly share the post. This website made money from advertisers who didn’t have the knowledge of where they were placing their ads. In a similar scenario, many advertisers have pulled from YouTube due to products […]

The “Holidaze” = 4/20 Marketing

4/20 remains the peak day for cannabis sales and advertising. We have reached that time of year again. The holiday that reaches out to everyone who enjoys ingesting cannabis — 4/20. Depending on the state that you live in, cannabis can mean different things. For those in states that haven’t legalized, the holiday is a […]

Programmatic Ad-Fraud = The C3 Metrics Solution

Programmatic fraud plagues the digital advertising world. With major ad-fraud becoming more and more prevalent, what will advertisers do to make sure they aren’t spending in the wrong places? As we have explained previously, fraudsters are everywhere. Programmatic drug lords target all available outlets in order to manipulate your advertising efforts.  Extreme efforts have been […]