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Why CCPA Is In Desperate Need Of Some Marie Kondoing

California’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, filed a petition in early November that marks an investigation by California into Facebook’s privacy practices. Meanwhile, privacy legislation is still in motion. There was yet another announcement about potential changes to CCPA per a statewide ballot measure submitted in September. The plan would give Californians new data rights, place […]

Are The Hurdles For Outcomes-Based Measurement Surmountable?

Today, marketers are being held accountable for their organizational bottom line more than ever before. With transparency increasing across marketing departments and businesses, brand leaders are being asked to track every dollar spent and demonstrate to finance leads how they are impacting revenue. This reality, in tandem with marketer concern about how many of their […]

Is Marketing Attribution’s (MTA) Father Bill Gates?

When MSN was in the media business, Bill Gates hosted its annual Brand Summit, where the likes of Dave Matthews and Chris Cornell performed for an intimate audience of the top 50 advertisers. In that exclusive audience was Ted Moon, who was spending over $100 million/year in digital for Sprint-Nextel, making him one of the […]

The Impact of Losing Third-Party Cookies On the Advertising Ecosystem

Google’s announcement about the removal of third-party cookies sent shockwaves thru both the advertising world and Wall Street. Is this an Attribution Apocalypse or a necessary cleanse to the advertising ecosystem? The changes and potential impact was the topic of an industry conference call held with Shyam Patil, Internet Analyst, at Susquehanna Securities and C3 Metrics Co-Founder and […]

In-Home Delivery: Welcome To The Brave New World Of Store-To-Home

Did you ever think we’d reach a tech-enabled retail revolution where groceries would be delivered not only to our front doors, but inside our refrigerators? Starting this fall, Walmart is doing just that with its InHome grocery delivery service. The new service heats up the in-home delivery market, and follows first mover Amazon, which offers […]

What’s the Secret to TV Advertising…70% Is

At the Advertising Research Foundation, @JoshChasin and @BillHarvey are imparting golden nuggets: the cleaning of big data will be foundational to analysis and modeling. But some of the most ground-breaking studies in advertising at the ARF continue to come from the Chief Research Officer at CBS Television, David Poltrack. For advertising research Ph.D.’s and research […]

C3 Metrics Highlights Attribution Standards at IA Converge in Los Angeles

Presentation to explore how the advances in attribution standards will alter the future of advertising C3 Metrics, the global leader in cross-platform advertising measurement and accountability, announced that Chief Attribution Officer and Co-Founder Jeff Greenfield will discuss the advances in attribution standards and the impact that will have on the future of analytics and advertising. […]

What Are The Five Causes of 75% of Advertising Fraud?

According to Mark Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble, fraud constitutes 75 cents of every digital marketing dollar. 1. Viewability Fraud Now many of you work with viewability vendors in order to get ‘make goods’ on the buys that you do, but you’re not aware of the impact that viewability fraud has on […]

C3 Metrics Presents to The National Association of Broadcasters

C3 Metrics’ Jeff Greenfield to Present to The NAB’s Committee on Local Radio Audience Measurement Jeff Greenfield, chief attribution officer at C3 Metrics, a global leader in cross-platform advertising attribution measurement and accountability, is presenting to the Committee on Local Radio Audience Measurement (COLRAM) prior to the National Association of Broadcasters (NBA) Radio Show in […]