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The Impact of Losing Third-Party Cookies On the Advertising Ecosystem

Google’s announcement about the removal of third-party cookies sent shockwaves thru both the advertising world and Wall Street. Is this an Attribution Apocalypse or a necessary cleanse to the advertising ecosystem? The changes and potential impact was the topic of an industry conference call held with Shyam Patil, Internet Analyst, at Susquehanna Securities and C3 Metrics Co-Founder and […]

What’s the Secret to TV Advertising…70% Is

At the Advertising Research Foundation, @JoshChasin and @BillHarvey are imparting golden nuggets: the cleaning of big data will be foundational to analysis and modeling. But some of the most ground-breaking studies in advertising at the ARF continue to come from the Chief Research Officer at CBS Television, David Poltrack. For advertising research Ph.D.’s and research […]

C3 Metrics Highlights Attribution Standards at IA Converge in Los Angeles

Presentation to explore how the advances in attribution standards will alter the future of advertising C3 Metrics, the global leader in cross-platform advertising measurement and accountability, announced that Chief Attribution Officer and Co-Founder Jeff Greenfield will discuss the advances in attribution standards and the impact that will have on the future of analytics and advertising. […]

What Are The Five Causes of 75% of Advertising Fraud?

According to Mark Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble, fraud constitutes 75 cents of every digital marketing dollar. 1. Viewability Fraud Now many of you work with viewability vendors in order to get ‘make goods’ on the buys that you do, but you’re not aware of the impact that viewability fraud has on […]

Google ADH Certification for C3 Metrics

C3 Metrics initially became the only measurement company to achieve “Google compliance” — the ability to work with Google when the EU’s GDPR went into enforcement at the end of May. It required C3 to change its modeling processes and query data directly along with other changes. It took nine months to complete the initial […]

Unified Marketing Measurement Case Study At The Advertising Research Foundation

C3 Metrics, a leading enterprise cross-platform measurement platform, announced that Co-Founder Jeff Greenfield will present at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Cross-Platform Measurement Council Attribution Showcase. The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) is the industry leader in advertising research among brand advertisers, agencies and research firms. Greenfield will present on the power of the C3 Metrics Attribution […]

What's a Winning Attribution Process Playbook?

Like anything in business, it’s one thing to say it…it’s another thing to do it. One of C3 Metrics’ clients shared his process playbook for attribution buy-in and organizational adoption. In the sixth video, Matt DiAntonio of Carbonite shares how he tackled one particularly challenging marketing channel, saving $750k each year, and then growing revenue […]

"5.4" Invoking Marketing Dept Audits by PwC, EY, Deloitte?

According to Salesforce’s 2020 Report, 5.4 = the average number of marketing channels used in 2017 by advertisers. In 2018, it will climb to 6.2 different channels. Yet according to the DMA Report from 2017, only 13% of advertisers are using advanced attribution. Meaning, 87% of advertisers still give credit to one channel (also known […]

What % Does Creative Impact TV & Digital?

Creative in TV = 70% of impact. Creative in Digital = 35% of impact. Creative = King in TV David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer at CBS still holds the title for advertising’s best ad research ever. In 2013, at the ARF he presented a comprehensive study concluding that 70% of TV advertising’s impact comes from […]