Is This the Best B2B TV Ad of the Year?

Creating a great TV spot is difficult. Anheuser-Busch’s Martin Weinberg calculated the probability of an ad agency coming up with a strong campaign: one in twenty.

On top of that, he projected the probability of Anheuser-Busch’s management recognizing a strong campaign also averaged one in twenty.

In TV, creative counts for just about everything. 70% to be specific…

According to Chief Research Officer at CBS Television David Poltrack, TV creative + messaging = 70% of the impact of TV advertising.

For years, we’ve been seeing lots and lots of Comcast Business TV spots.

But now…”Dream Gig” will probably be its best performer in years.

If creative is measured with attribution, its CPA can be measured down to the penny (example above).

But as TV squirms to catch up to the level of performance metrics that digital enjoys (even though most digital performance metrics are fraught with fraud, lack cross-device joining, doesn’t incorporate viewability, and is single channel siloed last-click)…most TV advertisers and TV media sellers are in the dark.

Reach + frequency delivery reports (the same ones delivered to TV advertisers 30 years ago), simply don’t cut it anymore.

The metrics that linear TV delivers: not much compared to digital.

Even radio ($11 million market cap Cumulus) is offering ROI guarantees when TV offers none yet. The catch? Cumulus requires creative pre-testing.

The ultimate question?

Can TV lift the hammer of Thor with nimble, simple DriveShaft™ attribution to bring TV to the level of metrics that advertisers now expect?

Comcast, this Bud’s for you.