Branco’s 3 Things (+ Buckhead Thur 5-9pm)

Vanessa Branco, one of the panelists @ Attribution After Dark Thursday July 13, is a Programmatic wolf in sheep’s clothing. The 14 year digital veteran (IAC, SNHU, Pearson) will dish on some secrets, lies, and trends.

Here’s her “3 Things You Should Know, But Might Not”

  1. Programmatic is a subset of display advertising, it’s part of a larger ecosystem all working hand in hand with other marketing and advertising initiatives. Think of it as the relay race and programmatic display is the first runner with the baton. The baton will need to be passed to other runners to complete the race. While it can work as a standalone silo, when correctly combined with other channels (Social, Native, TV, search, etc) it can be greater than the sum of its parts. Part of doing it correctly is to have measurement across all the various channels tracked holistically, as opposed to just last click.
  2. Fraud detection is improving, which has been a problem long before programmatic was a term. Along with major security vendors being integrated with all DSPs, the cat and mouse game will be tipped to the advertiser’s favor when publishers also get into the foray in limiting or discouraging fraud. New tools are being looked at to help on these issues. It will be far more effective than just deploying security tools on the demand side, if the supply side also deploys their own counter measures. Some tools being looked at the moment are:
    • ads.txt, a text file that aims to prevent unauthorized inventory sales, a counter measure to prevent spoofing.
    • Blockchain, digital ledger of transactions, that can theoretically be used in figuring out if an impression was real.
  3. A big part of my role is managing expectations. A huge part of this is to reinforce the fact that testing is key. If a display campaign just started, you cannot expect to hit your goal right away. If you do, consider it luck! A general rule of thumb is to allocate three months of testing budget per vendor. Within those three months, aside from testing with the vendor(s), creative performance (banners, native copy, video, etc) should also be taken into consideration.

Think, Link, & Drink with Vanessa this Thursday (7/13) in Buckhead @ the St. Regis hotel 5-9pm.
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