Budweiser’s New Ad is Causing Controversy

Budweiser, America’s most iconic beer, has somehow come under fire for being “pro-immigrant”. The statements being made are in response to Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

The advertisement set for Super Bowl LI (51) depicts an Adolphus Busch arriving in a new world.

His goal:

Brew Beer

When he arrives, he is met with stares, statements saying “You’re not wanted here!”, which are reflective of a time when immigration was more of an issue than it is today.

The one-minute ad adheres to the struggle and adversity of new members arriving in America to search for a prosperous life.

The foundation of America was built on the hard work and dreams of immigrants looking for a future. Budweiser created a beer that is just as iconic as America itself.

The ad ends with the tagline:

“When nothing stops your dream, this is the beer we’ll raise.”