Busting The Myths Of Television

There are a lot of Myths about the state of television today. One being that television is on the decline. The shifting medium from television to digital has a lot of advertisers in a state of worry and they’re not wrong to do so, just less wrong.

See, viewership isn’t quite on the decline as many are told to believe. If you look at any graph that shows you the shape of spending between digital and television, you’re obviously going to notice that digital has overtaken TV in ad spend. This is truth, but the scare that advertisements on TV are going to be a thing of that past shouldn’t be as scary as we look into the future.

Television is still #2 and won’t be dropping any lower…ever. With the advent of Google TV, came the very real possibility that advertisers will be able to  monitor the effectiveness of their ads the same way they can with digital.

David Poltrack, chief research officer of CBS Corp. has provided us with some insight as to how viewership has been affected due to mediums such as smartphones and tablets.

“When it comes to watching TV shows, the audience for CBS programming has actually grown in the last decade. It’s up to 12.3 million viewers in 2014-2015 from 12.1 million viewers in 2003-2004. The big shift is that live viewing has shrunk from 100 percent a decade ago to 61 percent now.”

Neilson has put out some research on the topic:

As you can tell from the graph, “live” viewing has significantly gone down since people can not only record shows and watch them later but now the shift has become more entwined with digital. Viewing shows from your tablet or smartphone has increased viewing from $12.1 to $12.3 million dollars. It’s not that digital and television are working against each other, it’s that they are somewhat co-existing.

More spend is being put towards digital advertising. The reason is that it can be monitored more effectively than any other medium. Television can reach a room of 200 people where digital reaches out on a personal level. My smartphone is for my use only and the ads on there are targeted towards me.

So let’s not show our gray hair anytime soon. The need to worry is less as important as you think and TV is here to stay for a good long time. Maybe in the next 20 years, we’ll start to see it go down, but that’s 20 years to figure out the next big medium.