C3 Metrics: Attribution = A Shifting Wind

With a shift in your creative, comes a shift in Attribution.

The wind can change direction.

Mark Hughes

“We had one client that ran the same two TV spots for two years and in that two-year time frame, they changed from a consumer target to a duel target of consumer and B2B yet they ran the consumer spot for the entire two years. They didn’t change their creative which is ludicrous because 70% of the impact from TV advertising is due to the creative execution…what you show the viewer in those precious seconds. On the TV side, if you’re not doing lots of creative iterations. It’s nothing compared to the impact. – Mark Hughes


Vanessa Branco

Vanessa Branco adds,  “The amount of creative executions in market all comes down to budget and mathematics. On the digital side. The data is there now. You can utilize that data to make a really good piece of creative instead of finding a stockphoto online and saying ‘Why isn’t my creative working? …Your creative stinks’.”


Anthony Pitts

Anthony Pitts, the former VP of Marketing for DraftKings underscored:  With creative you’re planning to fail and succeed.  In order to find the gem, you have to iterate numerous creative executions which costs time and money.  But “planning to fail” isn’t always popular in corporate America unless you have an analytical process in place of planning to fail in advance.