C3 Metrics Co-Founder in Rolling Stone

As Rolling Stone reports, the UK labelUniversal Publishing Production Music, has established itself in an increasingly lucrative corner of the record business known as “production music”, in which companies maintain extensive song catalogs specifically for commercial use.

Their tracks are brimming with quality beats, contemporary credibility, and star power by association, since many of the producers have worked with big names, Tiago with Rihanna for example. Block don’t trade in the kind of cheaply made productions synonymous with TV music compilations

“A lot of these producers will go into a session and they’ll end up with 90 percent of the work that’s never used by Rihanna or someone like that, so it just sits there,” says Jeff Greenfield, co-founder of C3 Metrics, who measure advertising effectiveness.

“Imagine going in on a pitch for Honda, and you have an original piece of music for a hot artist — you’re going to get those people in the room excited.” And it’s not just the labels and marketing executives who stand to benefit.

By “selling in”, artists can actually see a considerable profit from their music, something that’s becoming ever harder in this day and age. With CD and download sales dropping and the war on royalty rates just beginning, commercial music has become a primary way for artists to make a living.