C3 Metrics = Giving Your Ad Spend A Haircut.

The 80’s were a time of big hair.

Musicians would use any hair product imaginable to keep their hair wild and loud.

If your hair wasn’t crazy, it showed that you weren’t crazy enough. If you weren’t crazy enough, how could you possibly shred face-melting guitar solos?

Well, that time came and went. As many of those musicians grew up, they realized that maybe these fashion trends weren’t meant to stick around.

Time for a haircut.

Your ad spend shouldn’t reflect the methods of past embarrassment. It needs to grow and be shaped in more effective ways. In order to do this, you need a trim.

Your advertising budget can be massive and wild, but is it reaching the right people? Like many washed-out 80’s musicians, in order to stay afloat after their life of rock and roll didn’t pan out, you need to go to the bank. You want to be presentable and in order to do that, the hair has to go.

By using C3 Metrics we allow you to see where you need to cut the most hair. We can monitor each strand of hair and see how well it is growing and performing. If it’s not performing to the standards you need for that bank loan, then you need to cut it.
Don’t get me wrong, having a bit of hair can attract the people you’re looking for, but knowing where to cut it is what makes that trim effective.

C3 Metrics is on its first nationwide tour, Attribution After Dark: a nationwide tour of industry experts addressing key topics and challenges which impact marketers, including programmatic fraud, cross-channel measurement, and attribution.
Our Chicago event will feature a networking hour, panel discussion, and after party, all located at theWit — boldly located n the heart of the city’s theater, arts, and shopping district. Get ready to talk everything attribution while taking in city views & networking with industry leaders.
Questions? lia@c3metrics.com.