C3 Metrics = Seeing The Forest (For Everything)

As we have mentioned before, the Last Click method only allows the user to see one tree in the forest instead of the entire forest. With C3 Metrics, you are able to view the entire forest while simultaneously searching up from the smallest sapling to the largest Redwood. When you spread your advertising seeds, you’re going to see which seeds are taking in the most nutrients and which seeds are not. C3 Metrics allows you to see which seed should be nurtured and which ones should be eaten by a bird.


This is what you want your seed to become.

Using the Bayesian Algorithm, the advertiser is able to view all impressions as well as give them a play-by-play of how their traffic grows from site to site. The Bayesian Algorithm (the same algorithm we used to crack the Nazi’s Enigma Code) uses advanced data validation routines including cross-device and viewability and incorporates both converting and non-converting data from both online and offline media.

Each impression or click a site receives, adds more to the growth of that company’s tree. When searching for where to invest in advertising your business, you obviously want to plant your seeds where the trees will grow the tallest. Before the internet, our main source of media was television, radio, and print advertising. Now, we have a multitude of ways a company can generate traffic via the internet and C3 Metrics lets you search for the most fertile and abundant soil to plant your tree.

Our full funnel attribution shows you which of your seeds has generated more nutrients and has grown to lift your business above the tree-line to see the sun from the top of the forest.