What Came First = Reach Or Followers?

Its a never ending cycle. The more reach you get the more followers will come to you. The more followers you have, the more capabilities of reach.

When going for a career in social media marketing, bosses want to see the success of your previous campaigns. How many people did you bring to the table, what is the overall spread of your reach and how many people interact with your content. That is Social in a nutshell, but what happens when you’re given a deadline and a goal to reach a certain number of “likes” on Facebook?

The issue came to me yesterday as I was in talks with promoting some material online. They wanted to grab as many likes as they could before uploading content. The issue was that I was running on empty from the starting line. I had done the initial blast of my friends and family but needed another avenue to take.

I decided to put my writing skills to the test and began publishing articles based around the topics this company provided. The reach for each article was in the green, but the “likes” weren’t rolling in as fast.

People who “like” your page won’t necessarily see the content that is provided. They have the ability to block it. That’s where content comes in. Content creates the funnel that keeps people coming back. If the topics are dry, so will your “like” numbers. So is it all about the “likes”? Or is it with content.

After publishing the articles, I had gained a reach and interaction quota that far exceeded what their previous numbers were, but their “likes” didn’t meet the quota.

Think of it this way, If you have a thousand reach and 400 interactions, that’s great. 40% is huge. You can do that with less than a hundred likes if people share the content.

We all know that “likes” give you the potential for reach, but it’s the content that gains it.