Cannes Man of 2017 – Andrew Who?

In a Wall Street Journal article on cost cutting by agencies for Cannes attendance by @alexbruell, Andrew Swinand, CEO of Leo Burnett was quoted,”the idea of investment implies return…to send someone to a party on a yacht for a week, what’s the return?”

For a creativity festival (the Oscars of the ad industry), that kind of quote focusing on return on investment is unusual, but exactly what shareholders and marketers are demanding more and more of. Advanced measurability and ROI at every level (including creative).

So for Andrew’s quote: he is the Cannes Man of 2017. A Wharton Grad with a major in Economics and Marketing, he no doubt understands Keynesian plus Bayesian. To boot, as an Officer in the Army, he knows the value of hard work.

“Value is what every Board member, CFO, and most CMO’s are looking for. Namely, what did you invest, what did you get back in return [measured accurately], in media..and the often overlooked ROI on creative which can now be measured down to the penny in digital and TV,” said Mark Hughes, CEO of advanced attribution measurement firm C3 Metrics.

In IBM’s most recent Global C-Suite study, a Canadian bank CFO is quoted, “We have to think about value rather than cost, and creating value entails taking some risks.”

Now with advanced attribution, creative risks can be taken, measured, and quantified with ROI. Andrew Swinand, you are the Cannes Man of 2017.