Attribution Model ~ Yes, I am Sleeping with an Attribution Model

An attribution model should capture all online media sources involved from the top of the funnel where sales originate… down to the very bottom of the funnel. So in a $100 transaction, an Originator would receive a fraction of $100 credit–and the Assist and Converter would also receive fractional credit of the $100 attributed to them respectively. One hundred percent of revenue credit is attributed and split among Originators, Assists, and Converters–accounting for the actual drivers of revenue. Then revenue and respective costs from paid media sources converge in a single, elegant number: Attributed Revenue-to-Spend Ratio (ARSR). It’s a simple ratio any marketer can grasp. If you have a 4.0 ratio for a specific keyword, or specific Display campaign–you’re getting $4.00 in revenue for every dollar spent on that particular media source. Conversely, if you have an Attributed Revenue-to-Spend Ratio (ARSR) of 1.25 for a particular media buy—you’re getting $1.25 in revenue for every dollar spent there.

Attribution Management DIY – Part 1

Attribution Management solutions such as the ones offered by…