Cotton Ad – Worst Ad of the Year?

Creating TV ads by committee never works. When the TV spot is finished…it looks and feels nothing like the original spot that was on the drawing board.

We suspect that’s what happened with this Cotton TV commercial.

There is only one line of script in the entire commercial, “Cotton is natural, sometimes you need to do things that aren’t.”

Who wrote that? Likely a committee.

There’s an age old rule of “See and Say” in advertising. When you see: the product, the product comparison, the offer, or the payoff…you say the line in the spot.

Unfortunately, this commercial never shows an amazing, close-up shot of cotton or a great looking dress.

In this commercial, only a distant shot of a man and a woman in a dusty, dirty auto junk yard.

Their clothing is not discernibly soft, in fact the clothing appears to have come from a low-end department store (especially with the background of a dirty, dusty auto junkyard).

Do you want to touch, feel, or wear any clothes from this TV shoot?

Who created this? Likely a committee.

According to Chief Research Officer at CBS Television David Poltrack, TV creative + messaging= 70% of the impact of TV advertising.

This ad is simply awful.

The creative wastes every media dollar allocated to it.

“What goes inside your precious 30 seconds is 70% of TV advertising’s statistical success,” said CEO of C3 Metrics advertising attribution data cloud Mark Hughes. “with Nielsen/Rentrak data, it’s hard to buy the wrong demo on TV. Poltrack’s study is one of the most ground-breaking, yet hardly noticed. With today’s modern TV attribution, performance can be measured down to the penny…and measured quickly.”

TV should be emotional, but measurement of TV removes the emotional debate of whether ‘committee-created’ advertising performs.