Did Animal Farm Predict Ad Fraud?

Animal Farm, written by George Orwell is perhaps one of the greatest books on the topic of manipulation and fraud.

In the story, Napoleon (the pig who leads the farm) manipulates the harvest by adding sand to the supply of grain bags. Napoleon ordered the almost empty bins to be filled nearly to the brim with sand, which was then covered up with what remained of the grain and meal.

Digital fraudsters took a page right out of Animal Farm.

Their goal is to stuff your advertising data with as much false information as they can without getting caught. They fill the bag with “sand” and wait for the real data to cover it up.

They pray on those who cannot see the truth in their data. Like the book, masters of fraud will claim large increases in click-through rates and make bold statements that go against what you are actually seeing.

The 2018 Attribution Vendor Scorecard compares 15 attribution vendors across 15 customizable criteria.

Pink Floyd Animals Cover representing fraud

“Big man, pig man. Haha! Charade you are.”

The strong and affluent used the uneducated by falsifying information. In today’s world, programmatic fraudsters bank on what you don’t know.

In order to combat ad fraud, advertisers need to use the right tools. By utilizing C3 Metrics, advertisers will be able to spot the fraudsters. Having the data in real-time lets you see when fraudsters are working their manipulative magic.

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Attribution Scorecard

The 2018 Attribution Vendor Scorecard compares 15 attribution vendors across 15 customizable criteria.

Criteria include:  fraud removal, user-level data, viewability, TV, and cost.