Do You Have A Marketing ‘Secret Sauce’? (Our Co-Founder Shares His)

Do you have a marketing ‘secret sauce’?

When you’re a marketer… all of your competitors have access to the same data.

This rang true when we saw Alexei Milgram post this quote on LinkedIn:

Everyone has the same consumer insights. It’s the execution of those insights that matters.

At C3 Metrics, our Co-Founder Jeff Greenfield‘s ‘secret sauce’ is the combination of ‘ABT’ & ‘ABL’:

“ABT” = ‘Always Be Testing’


One of the biggest issues we see with marketing teams is sticking with the status quo and not testing.

Jeff’s philosophy is don’t believe anything unless you have tested it yourself.

(And that goes double for MTA results)

“ABL” = ‘Always Be Learning’


Jeff dedicates 3-4 hours every weekend to continuing his marketing & adTech education.

Whether it’s reading a book or taking an online course, our belief is that you always need to keep learning.

(Jeff took a WordPress Course on optimizing site speed last weekend).

If you’re not hitting your numbers (like 75% of most marketing teams), look inwards and ask yourself these two questions:

===> When was the last time I tested something?
===> When was the last time I dedicated time to learning?

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