Dying On The Vine = The Decline Of This Social Media Platform

The social media app, Vine has been taking a hard hit with user interaction lately. With more and more of its most popular content creators switching to other applications and sites, Vine is having a hard time keeping their hand in the mix.

Vine was one of the largest and most competitive front-runner for sharing short videos. Users could interact with short, 15-second videos that had a lot of potential since its debut, but while sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have begun to monetize the worth of content creators, Vine has started to wither away.

The social media app launched in 2012 and quickly became a favorite amongst smartphone users and on April 9th, became the most downloaded app on the iOS App Store.  With Facebook, Youtube and many other apps that follow the same suit of media-sharing, Vine hasn’t quite kept up to date with the many features that the other sites offer.

“[Lots of my clients] turned all their attention to Facebook because it allows for way better analytics and is always innovating which is what I feel Vine doesn’t do. Facebook is going to be monetizing video in the next two to six months like YouTube and this presents an opportunity to drive income through the platform which Vine does not offer.” – Joe Gagliese, CEO for Viral Nation.

Vine made a staple for itself and users with the execution of using it for short-form comedy. Users can make a short, 6-second video that would probably make you laugh. They can also have a series derived from the same theme.  One of the most famous Vine compilations come from Mightyduck World where he pranks his mother using very basic stunts. Although the 6-second videos don’t give a lot of time for setup, the execution was always critical. Users would have to almost improvise before setting up the video.

One of the positive things that Vine has done was give us the world of short videos. Since its release and impact in mobile communication, the idea of creating a 6-second ad became more of a fruitful reality. Now, advertisers are gearing themselves on reaching out to people on a shorter time span.

Follower count could be less on Facebook or Youtube compared to Vine, but the impact and reach of users is far greater. With the ability to monitor your posts and videos much more accurately as well as giving users a far greater reach, These social media giants have made it hard for other social media apps to blossom and independently run themselves without a quick success-crash rate.

Vine is still a venture for advertisers, but over the past 6-months, their focus has deterred from the video sharing application to more positive outlets.

Marketly analyzed 9,725 users with over 15,000 followers and found that more than half have exited the platform since the start of the new year.