Entourage – New Paragon of Product Placement

T.L. Stanley interviews C3 Metrics Co-Founder in AdWeek as part of Entourage product placement coverage.

CAA put Ellin and GM together “to try to create real human relationships and see what those might lead to,” says Jae Goodman, chief creative officer and co-head of CAA Marketing. “What we were looking for was something meaningful.”

Across the industry, there’s a growing appetite for such alliances, as marketers move beyond traditional product placement. As Cadillac’s Lee says, “Anyone can take movie footage, add cars and call it a day.” That’s no longer good enough for making an impression on consumers submerged in content. From native ads to products written into scripts, marketers want messaging that looks less like advertising and more like an element of the content.

And from film and TV producers to YouTube and Vine stars, the creative community is becoming more open to these relationships—even courting them. Forerunners to Ellin’s Cadillac partnership include Michael Bay’s Chevrolet tie-in with DreamWorks/Paramount’s Transformers and Dodge’s role in Universal’s Fast and Furious franchise.

Jeff Greenfield, COO and co-founder of ad-measurement firm C3 Metrics, sees Entourage as “a unique piece of content” in that it is “tailor-made for brand integrations.”

Might it inspire still more movie-brand mashups? “It wouldn’t surprise me if this is seen as a model moving forward,” Greenfield says. “Studios will want to green-light more projects like this and get brands involved, but you have to have a hot property. Entourage had its pick of brands, and in that way, it’ll be a tough act to follow.”

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