Facebook Canvas = A More Effective Way of Advertising

Facebook just released a new product for advertisers. Facebook Canvas will allows you to advertise through Facebook on mobile.

Where most ads will simply send you to the site via your browser, Facebook Canvas lets you view a simple and concise link for people to view ads. The idea is to take away that 15 second load time that worries some as to what they might be clicking on.

For myself, I often have that same worry. When I click on a link and it takes time to load, I have the insatiable feeling that my phone is getting infected with some virus. Instead, you are greeted with the information that the ad wants to give you through Facebook itself.

Advertising on Digital has been refining itself over the past few years. With the majority of digital advertisers switching their focus to mobile, creating fast and effective ways to comfort mobile users who decide to view ads.

Advertising this way is not only a clean and effective advertising strategy, but it gives that advertisers a quick and simple way to put out content. One of the big features is that advertisers wont need to spend money on finding the outlet to place the ad. This turns the budget from where to spend to how to spend. With the low cost of media, agencies will now be able to focus more on the creative side. With this new feature, we will start to see new and more creative ways to reach out to users.

The evolution of advertising changes at a much faster pace than previous outlets. With the digital age of advertising being the focus for most agencies today, the possibilities of creating eye-catching, thumb stopping content to attract new members and traffic to your site are now more obtainable and effective than ever.