Facebook Chat = The New Focus For Advertisers.

The past few months, the talk of advertising through Chat has been in the minds of a Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. After unveiling that advertisers can now reach out to people using this medium, a few companies have hopped on the train. Companies like Uber and Lyft have been some of the first to utilize this method of reach, but who else has had their eyes on utilizing chat?

General Electric

GE created a bot named Dot the Bot. Users can solve riddles using emoji’s that relate to scientific questions. Whichever way the user answers a question, they get points based off of how many hints they needed.

American Express

American Express is the first financial institution to build a messenger bot. It tracks data based on your shopping habits. If you buy a ticket to a concert or movie, you will receive a message suggesting a possible area to eat or grab a drink afterward.

Pizza Hut

While being pioneers of online ordering, they’ve stepped up into the new medium by offering the option to order right from the messenger app. This isn’t that revolutionary, but seeing as though this was the first company to offer consumers the ability to order their pizza from the click of a button, they want to be the first to utilize any new platform they can.


This was something new. Each user answers 10 questions. based on the answers, that user is assigned a small digital pet similar to the likes of a Tamagotchi. The user now has a little digital partner to take care of based on their candy preferences.

Whole Foods

If you send this bot a list of food emoji’s, it will find recipes including the food that you listed. With countless new and unorthodox methods for cooking, this offers a new method to spice up your dinner with new and exotic foods.

The use of Chat as an advertising tool is new, but the incentives that they provide for using it are quirky, fun, and informative. This new tactic is sure to bring in new purchasers and creates an interactive way to reach out.