Facebook = Dynamic Ads – Hitting Their Targets.

Facebook has released information for the company’s 2017 advertising plan. One of the largest additions to this plan will be the implementation of dynamic ads.

Dynamic ads allow advertisers to target potential customers more effectively through keywords, phrases, and search terminology.

If a consumer was searching for a specific item such as a winter jacket, dynamic ads would target that consumer’s search habits to find the right fit. Do they need something from The North Face, or rather, L.L. Bean? Dynamic ads will find the right fit for that person.

The benefits of Facebook utilizing this aspect of digital advertising would be that consumers can find what they’re looking for on the site itself. Instead of creating hundreds of different advertisements to place on various websites, the advertisers can simply plug in key demographics, keywords, and search phrases to create an advertisement based on specific requirements.

In regards to the effectiveness of dynamic ads, Maz Sharafi, director of product marketing at Facebook had this to say:

“It automates the process of who it can show products to—It takes out a lot of the trial and error and complexity of being able to do this in a manual way. For example, to sell 1,000 products you have to create almost 1,000 different ads to reach those products to different people. With dynamic ads, you’re effectively creating one ad.”

Having one ad to target multiple, specific markets is the next step in order to effectively reach out to consumers who might not have organically searched for the product on their own. The process of dynamic ads act in assisting advertisers by narrowing down and targeting a bullseye without the necessity of firing more ads than what they need to. It provides an effective reach by utilizing less spend for more reach.