Fake News invasion

Fake News = Safety in Ad Spend

Fake news is everywhere.

It hides in the night stalking the next victim who will simply read a headline and instantly share the post.

Fake News Pope Francis Endorses Trump
This website made money from advertisers who didn’t have the knowledge of where they were placing their ads.

In a similar scenario, many advertisers have pulled from YouTube due to products being displayed in front of offensive images. Just like YouTube, digital marketers still seem to be throwing their ad spend into sites, videos, and images which, if they knew what the site entailed, ordinarily wouldn’t.

Locating credible sites is a large part of the battle.

C3 Metrics offers the ability to monitor where ad spend is hitting that sweet spot. It will also allow users to see which advertisements are failing. Chances are, they’re failing on fake news sites. Of course, there are exceptions, but many don’t know or care, which can hurt credibility.

By using C3 Metrics, the potential for placing an ad on a site that would hurt credibility is lowered. An advertiser has the ability to see which ads are performing and which ones aren’t. By utilizing this tool, advertisers can veer away from fake news sites and put their money towards more effective campaigns.

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